Energizing young minds through music and movement



Who we are

Rock Zen Roll is a comprehensive and upbeat movement based experience for children to explore their best self, practice mindfulness, build confidence and exude independence.

Our hands on approach integrates mindfulness meditation through the practices of yoga and music. We are passionate about engaging young yogis to focus on their physical and emotional development through the combination of playful yoga postures and mantras, pranayama breathing, with vibrant music in a safe and loving environment. 

Our Classes

We specialize in partnering with private and public schools to bring yoga and mindfulness to classrooms across the Los Angeles area.  New studies are out proving that yoga in school has a huge benefit on a child's social, emotional and physical development, leading to self regulation and academic achievements. From preschool through 6th grade, we are dedicated to working with children through their most important years of growth and development.

We know not all schools are adopting yoga in the classroom, Rock Zen Roll also offers child yoga classes through recreational and community centers throughout the Los Angeles Area

“Rock Zen Roll yogis will learn to breathe in the moment, take what they learn on the mat and implement into their daily lives.”

- Cheryl Silberman, Founder