Cheryl Silberman

Cheryl co-founded Rock Zen Roll Yoga with her sister-in-law, Rachel with a goal to help children develop self awareness, build self-regulation, and and move their bodies in a meaningful way. Rock Zen Yoga teaches yoga to children as young as 18 months and school-age kids.

Before Rock Zen Roll, Cheryl worked as a preschool teacher in Los Angeles. She’s always had a passion for yoga and after ten years of teaching children between the ages of two and five, decided to make a career change.

Rock Zen Roll combines her passion with yoga with her career as a teacher. As a credentialed K-5 teacher and a certified yoga instructor for children and adults, Cheryl’s extensive knowledge is an import and unique asset to Rock Zen Roll.

Cheryl is constantly exploring professional develop opportunities for yoga to coincide with child development. In her free time, Cheryl enjoys yoga, hiking, and spending time with her family (including their dog, Prana).


Rachel Silberman

Rachel is co-founder and CEO of Rock Zen Roll.

Before starting Rock Zen Roll, Rachel worked in the entertainment field for many years. As a marketing manager for several T.V. networks (including TBS, TNT, and Discovery Channel), she was the liaison between production and advertisers. She’s now transitioned her skills of building and executing brand partnerships in the entertainment world to building relationships and partnerships with educational institutions and dance studios throughout Los Angeles. Rock Zen Roll is where her passion for yoga, childhood fitness, and professional background merge seamlessly.

Rachel loves spending time with her three children and husband. An active member in her children’s school and the community, Rachel is constantly finding ways to connect people and spread the positivity and benefits of yoga and fitness.