Our Story


It all started when…

Cheryl Silberman worked as an Early Childhood Educator for preschool and Elementary-aged Children for several years. Yoga became her source of unwinding after a long day of work. Breathing, mindfulness, and intention centered her back to where she needed to be to feel refreshed and ready for a full day of teaching the next day. Eventually, she incorporated yoga techniques into her classroom with successful and positive results.

Cheryl’s sister-in-law, Rachel, saw a big difference in her own children after spending time with Aunt Cheryl, who also used the same calming yoga techniques with her kids. Rachel, who has a strong business background, approached Cheryl with the idea to join forces and build a business around her talent and skills with yoga and children.

Together, Rachel and Cheryl wrote a curriculum that would fill-in as an enrichment programming both in the classroom and after-school. With Cheryl as an instructor, and Rachel on the business-end of things, they created a unique, effective, and entertaining program for children. The name “Rock Zen Roll” transpired, as the key parts of the program are music and movement.

Rock Zen Roll is currently offered in private and public schools, recreation and community centers, and dance schools throughout the Los Angeles area.